I was living in Washinton, DC. when Leaders Of The New School emerged on the scene. I remeber thinking these dudes are crazy energetic and their videos were bright. It was different. We had the chance to see them perform their first single “Case of the PTA” at the W.U.S.T., a small venue across from Howard University. From that point I knew they would do a lot for hip hop. You know the rest from there, if not, do your reserch. Years down the line I moved back home to New Haven, CT. and shortly after in 1998, through a good friend, I had the chance to meet Dinco D. It was crazy cause, the first time I saw him was in a city I wasn’t from, when The Leaders first came out, then he’s listening to beats at my crib. The visit was brief and he didn’t leave with a beat, but it was nothing but respect for the brother ever since. At that time I was making beats on my trusty ASR-10. Dinco was the first “celebrity type emcee” to ever listen to my music, and I must admit it was insprirational. In 2007 I moved to “The A” and found out Dinco was there also..who wasn’t.. right? I reached out and got in touch with him through MYSPACE…ha. When we linked up It was all about the music. By this time I was in the digital world of making beats/songs with my G5 and Mac Book Pro. I would bring them everywhere just to record. I was using programs like Fruity Loops, Reason, Pro Tools, etc.  Whether it was at his crib or mine, we would make all kinds of songs that would include some close friends of ours. We put quite a bit of joints together and it was all in fun. None of the songs ever made it to the hip hop masses on a whole with the exception of one “Smoke” which was put on a compilation  cd put out by Lou Cox of Channel 1 TV. “Smoke” was probably the second or third joint we recorded at Dinco house when first we linked up. That was a crazy night too.. But Yo! in a three year period we came up wit some joints. No matter where you been or end up paths get crossed, and to have crossed paths with this ledgend was all written.







Eldorado Ed is from the Connecticut Kartel crew out of Bridgeport, CT. When I first moved back to New Haven, CT. in 1995, I met Ed at my cousins house. He’s my cousins boyfriend. Its funny cause I also met the brother Daktur Banff (Blak Nerd) in the same room. All I had on me was a tape of beats I made on a friends ASR-10, so we vibed to that for a few. And from that day we never really met up again. We all just stayed within our respectful crews. Well I eventually got with a crew called Modern Control a couple year later and thats how it went.  In 1996 I got my own ASR-10 and really started to build up my stash of beats. Through this time and the years to come I would vibe with Ed but we weren’t recording, I was mainly listening to stuff he had been recording with Connecticut Kartel. He already had an album out called “What The Question”, it was dope!… so he was working. I figured at some point we would eventually put it together. It wasn’t till late 2006 that we finally had the chance to put our talents together, and in the first two weeks we banged out at least eight joints…it was easy. So from that point on, its been automatic. A few months later I moved in with Ed and my cousin. Banging out songs was as simple as making coffee in the morning..ya dig.. and that’s  how it went for about 5 months. My cousin, Ed, and I all went to Atlanta in April 2007 to do a showcase for various CT artist. This was the perfect oppurtunity to get off some of the joints we layed down. It went well, we love it and had fun. A month later I was back down there…. to live. So when I finally got my set up right in “The A”, Ed would visit and it was all about the music. Currenty its still the same vibe, when next we meet,  its next song next beat.









REDCOATZ, Is Blue, ID (The Chief), Nateye (The General), Mordecai (The Abbot), and Chelly (The Captain). They come from “THE CRUX” a certain part of West Haven, CT. I met these brothers back in my Modern Control days around 2000. They were all childhood friends of the crew I rolled with, I wasn’t around during those days.. I myself grew up in various cities. There were times I would visit home and I’m sure we crossed paths at some points during my youth days in and out of CT. So when I did meet them its like we already knew each other. My crew used to record at Horizon Studio in West haven, CT. My introduction to these brothers took place at this studio, one that I still work out of to this day. Any given time we were at the studio, one of the Coats may pop up. Those were wild days. Two crews and long ass songs…you know how was. But what’s funny is, I never got to hear any of the song they work on as a crew. I knew they had songs but just never heard one. But as respectful crews, we were all into our own creative zones. Just as I mentioned in my other post, eventually I bounced and move to Atlanta. The whole time down there I did not stay in touch with any of the Redcoatz, but I knew they were there. When I returned in 2012, I began working at Horizon once again with just about anybody willing to make music the way I like to dive in it. In the spring of 2015, all the recording I was doing, every now and then a different but a familiar emcee would show up. This is when the first Redcoat brother would step in, it was Mordecai. I didn’t really remember him like I did the other Redcoat brothers from back in 2000. Mordy wasn’t a frequent face as the others were back then. So when we reacquainted ourselves I had to think for a sec. It all came back eventually tho. After Mordy made his reintroduction, Blue and Nateye soon followed, and then ID… Chelly would make his presence felt later down the line. Since I’ve been working with these brothers as a whole group, It’s like meeting them for the first time. After all this time. What I’ve learned about the brothers is that, they stay on the same page when it come to a song, they spit real life bars from the heart not just to make it sound good, but it does anyway, and they’re versatile in many ways on different types of beats..new style or classic. Its like Fresh Air!










2.Good Guys

3.Back On The Seen


5.Lab Work

6.Human Prediction Wayoff

7. (bonus) Vanna White